The first month of pregnancy | The First trimester Care

Caring for pregnant women is very necessary cause it can affect both mom and baby. The first month of pregnancy is also known as the first trimester. We should be very precautions for the first three months of pregnancy. Mother has to be very cautious about various things like food, rest, heavy loads, sitting positions, drinking, smoking, etc. 

First trimester starts form the first day of your last period

First Trimester Care
First Trimester Care

The first month of pregnancy care ( First Trimester Care)

Antenatal care means the care of women during their pregnancy. It assists in the protection and promotion of mother and child health during pregnancy, which begins the conception and ends the birth of the child. It is approximately 280 days or nine-months. A healthy baby can be born when the mother is healthy during pregnancy. Therefore, the health of the mother should be properly taken care of. We must take care of pregnant women with respect to a nutritious diet, health examination, proper sanitation, physical exercise, rest, and even immunization. Care of pregnant women consists of the following:

Nutritious diet

It is necessary to give the pregnant woman enough nutritious food for her as well as her fetus. If she is underweight, the infant is likely to be small and underweight too. Therefore, it is necessary to give proper nutrition with extra calories to pregnant women. Enough protein, iron, calcium, iodine, vitamins, vegetables and fruits, pulses, milk, milk products, cereals, please, the egg can enrich her food.

Pregnant women should take enough water. It helps to clear urine and avoid constipation. Constipation and piles are generally found in pregnant women. They can control it by drinking enough water and taking green vegetables. Besides, pregnant women must avoid smoking alcohol and other drugs. If they need medicine, they should take only consolation with doctors.

Health examination

The health checkup of pregnant women is very important. therefore, she should visit a hospital or Nursing Home regularly. if any disorders or defects are observed, proper and immediate treatment can be given there. Besides, bleeding and anemia are also cured immediately. During the first seven months, a health checkup once a month is necessary, during the eight-month twice and during the last month once a week is essential. If the health checkup facilities are not available in rural areas, trained midwives should be consulted.
Pregnant women should consult the doctor at least 3 times during their pregnancy if frequent check-up is not possible. As soon as she knows about her pregnancy, she should go to the doctor. Her second examination should be in the 8th month of pregnancy. The third visit should be in the last month. Besides these three visits, she should see the doctor when instantly arises.

Personal hygiene

Pregnant women must be very careful about cleanliness because stillness prevents a number of diseases. If he is infected with diseases like Cola dysentery typhoid jaundice worms will be prone to health hazards. The fetus, too, will be affected. Therefore, should maintain personal cleanliness as well as the surrounding. She should take a regular bath, even in winter with warm water. While taking a bath, every part of the body should be cleaned. She should keep her clothes clean. This should wash, comb, and brush her hair every day. She should wash your hand, fingers, and nail before the meal. It is essential to clean genitals, too. Food and drink, true must be cleaned. Apart from the anus, she has to adopt hygiene behavior. In this way, the mother and fetus will remain healthy.

Physical exercise and rest

Trimester women should take light and regular physical exercises. Morning and evening walk is appropriate. She can do light household work., heavy exercise and carrying heavy loads are harmful to her because they can cause abortion. Long journeys during the early and late stages of pregnancy should be avoided. similarly, oversleeping is not advisable for health.

Pregnant women should sleep for 8 hours a day and have a rest for 2 hours after the midday meal. Sleeplessness and mental tension can adversely affect our health. Therefore, the family members should keep her free relaxed. They should keep her care during pregnancy by participating in household affairs.

Proper immunization

The mother and the fetus are respectable to tetanus. Therefore, pregnant women should be given tetanus toxoids to safeguard the mother as well as the fetus from tetanus. If the mother has taken an adequate dose of tetanus toxoid, only one booster dose is required in 7 months of the pregnancy. The second dose should be given one month after the first dose.

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